The Mas de Bernis farmhouse is located in splendid surroundings between rice fields and orange groves.

It is just slightly more than a kilometre from the centre of l'Aldea, 3 kilometres from Amposta and just halfway between Barcelona and València (both are 180 kilometres away).

It is strategically located for possible outings and discoveries of points along the Ebro delta.

As you head up to the ports of Tortosa Beseit you'll pass by the ricefields and the birds that visit them, or places and towns called, el Montsià, Morella, Peníscola, la Costa Daurada, el Priorat, Port Aventura and many others. 

The Bernis farmhouse was known as "Colonia Agrícola San José" when it was constructed in 1888. It had all the intensity of the great agricultural estates of the 19th century. Looking at the building, one can guess the splendour of one of the leading families in the development of the delta.

It was restored in the year 2000 for use as a house for rural tourism.

It currently has six independent apartments, each equipped with heating, kitchen, bathroom, living-room and fully furnished bedrooms.

The large picture windows, monumental portals and generous interior spaces take into account the living conditions of the house and its surroundings in each and every way. Outside, a Bougainvillea, climbing vine and Jasmine entwined in a trellis await you, ready to give you shade when the sun is beating down. The large garden full of mandarin orange trees and bordered by century-old palm trees invite you to enjoy the magnificent landscape for a long while.


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